Manage Your Money at the Tables

We now slide into the section that is more important than any knowledge you may gain about Hold ‘Em, or for that matter, any form of gambling. A lot of you are nodding and acting like you agree with that sentence. Well then, why don’t you do something about it?

Manage Your Money at the Tables

You all admit that you know about money management and want money management and will try to manage your money at the tables. But as soon as you park your carcass on one of those casino stools, it’s as if you’re sitting on your brains.

I could give you 7,643 different examples of different hands that will occur during a poker session but there would still be 7,644 I left out. After a while you’d just be trying to digest all the examples and would start skipping over the analysis, so I won’t bore you with all that gibberish. I’ve read books by winorama casino bonus codes sharp, excellent Hold ‘Em players and they give out all types of percentages and odds and examples, and it all seems and sounds so logical.

That Stuff on Odds

I disagree with a lot of that stuff on odds. If I’m sitting with KH, QH, and the flop shows JH, 5H, 5C, I now have four hearts to a flush. The geniuses of the world spit out a percentage or odds against your catching that flush.

If there are eight other players in the game and three cards have already been buried, how the heck do I know how many hearts are already used up in their hands? Plus there’s more than a deck left un-dealt that may or may not have a lot of hearts left in it.

How can you calculate your chances without knowing how many other players are sitting with two hearts and also have four of those love cards?

Suppose you’re early in a position seat and you check. In back of you come three successive raises and in a $5 – $10 game, it is now going to cost you $30 to look at the turn card and surely another set of raises. Are you going to call? No way. Regardless of what the odds say, I’m gone. Those two fives scare me, as does the fact that the ace of hearts is unaccounted for. It’s conservative and it’s money management.

Learn the Game, the Basics, and the Theory

Odds and percentages, in my opinion, rate far down the road in comparison to protecting your money. You don’t read a book on how to ride a bicycle and then enter a cross-country jaunt. You don’t read a book on computers, then sit down and build a competitor to the space system. You don’t read a book on sex, and then call Pamela Anderson for a date. And you don’t read a book on Hold ‘Em and enter the World Championship in Las Vegas. You can find a list of US Poker Sites here to help get you some more experience. The more you play, the more you learn and the more you can figure out other poker players.

You learn the game, the basics, the theory, and you learn to read players. You practice reading three-card flops then you play a casino game of $l – $3 or $3 – $6 Hold ‘Em. You learn the logical moves by being subjected to them and you learn how to manage your money!

The last part of that sentence says it all…. WERE YOU LISTENING?