Stop making this mistakes

The funny thing about poker is you don’t have to be good to win. What? What did I just say? Yes, you don’t have to be good to win.

You just have to be not bad.

If you just avoid making stupid mistakes and doing things completely wrong, generally the cards play themselves out, the probability plays itself out, and you will win.

In order to become a successful player in online poker, it is extremely important to use the right strategy, but it is equally important to make as few mistakes as possible. Even experienced players often make mistakes both at the table and outside the game. Consider the three most common mistakes that players make in online poker. Read them and try not to do them again!

Stop making this mistakes

1. Mistake New Players Make

The first and worst mistakes players make is playing without good cards. Seriously, what do you think will happen when you play with bad cards?

The first step is to know which cards are good and which are bad. Which cards have a high chance of winning and which don’t. Then you must know the different hands and their strengths. Thirdly, it’s important to guess which cards you opponents might be playing and figure out which cards you need to be playing against them to have the upper hand.

2. Mistake New Players Make

Another mistakes new players always make is they just don’t bet enough. They aren’t aggressive enough.
When you limp in pre-flop, or call other players, or check, you are displaying weakness. If you are this weak you shouldn’t be in the pot to begin with. It is much better to bet out first and re-raise people because this conveys strength. You will find you win a lot more pots by people just sheer folding by doing this.

3. Mistake New Players Make

The third mistake new players make is they don’t understand basic pot odds correctly, like those that are needed for a draw. New players will play middle suited connectors, hit and miss on the flop, and keep playing because ‘they thought they’d get a flush.’

This is fine to do, if you are doing it properly. You need to know your true chance of hitting your draw card, and then look at the pot size and calculate how much you can afford to actually be paying for this chance. By stacking the odds in your favor these draws are profitable. If you don’t, well, you simply lose money.

You are now probably becoming very aware of a time you made one of these mistakes and how it caused you to lose money. Imagine what it would be like if you had of read this article before that – you wouldn’t have lost money. Now, let me ask you a question. How many other mistakes are you making that you don’t even know? Could that be what is causing you to lose? If you want to start winning I suggest you go out and discover what other mistakes you are making and then eradicate them from you game.

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